Thursday 7 February 2019

the treasure within

Like the soft glow of a sunny morning
I begin ever so slowly
Like the sonnet of a song bird
I just let time slip by

the story

Don't rush off 
Just linger
If you spare a moment
I'll tell you a tale

deep breath

I am here, grounded
I take a deep breath
And surrend

I hear, I see and I sense
Taking it all in
I feel the warmth

unshakable resolve

I will
I will
I will

Watch me go!

Johann and the pine cone

We met at The Whyte Museum two years ago. He was self-assured, almost cocky. After his glorious blue-black coat and pants, his devil-may-care attitude was his best feature. With my heart beating like a drum, I got close. He knew I was watching him, but gave no clue of his intentions. I think he sensed my nervousness and toyed with me.

10 x 60 inches, detail

under the table

I almost called this painting "Working under the table". The tiny sparrow was busy looking for sustenance at a bakery/coffee shop. The Wild Flour is one of my must stops while in Banff. Nothing like a cup of their americano, heavy on the cream, and a bowl of house made yogurt and granola. Don't even get me started on their treats! While the feathered fella was searching for food, I may have been the one getting the real nourishment. To watch such a small but resilient bird perform its morning ritual was food for my soul. 

new year, newest work


"I am sharpening my skills this year. 
Studying and pushing myself in the studio is incredibly important to me. 
If I finish a painting and I don't love it to bits, I will start over.
This year will find me making my best works ever."

Here are the first art babies of the year. The sparrow is, in my opinion, the best bird I've ever painted. The raven is symbolic of change. I'm so happy to be back here as I've greatly missed putting words to paper. I'm old school about this, with a preference for the fibre in my studio journal and the scent of ink on a page. The crossed out passages that didn't make the cut. The flowers adorning the sentences that did. Only after a tea stain covers a thought is that thought allowed to move to this virtual container. These writings are for me, but if you enjoy them, chime in. You can also find me on Instagram with more visual notes. Follow along for the stories.