Thursday, 23 May 2013


Success. For me, it is the intensely enjoyable process of making a painting that is both artistically and intellectually satisfying. The kind of painting that I drown in, forgetting to breathe, stunned how many hours have passed since I last looked up.

I've crossed milestones of acquired skill. They were important, but not always reflective of my internal need for something deeper. Something gutsy, something to chew on or fire me up, something more me.

There has been a handful of those paintings. Two of them were donations, one crossed the ocean and one I wish I had kept. 

Today I finished such a painting. It's the elusive and at times volatile one that's been tugging at my brain from eight directions. Some time ago I knew I wanted to begin a series called "Light". Define it as you may. To me, these works will be immensely personal, emotional and private - and yet, because of their nature, also full of release and accessible. Again, whatever that means to you.

The first in this collection is "2:28". No bones about it, I consider it my best to date. I've had favourites, but this one is the best. It is the one I've had waiting on a pedestal, collecting the dust of my mind until I decided I've had enough. I'm very proud of it.


Nikol Haskova Studio

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  1. The sweet lady that bought this painting saw a musical instrument in it. The engraved lines reminded her of strings and the brass hardware of tuning mechanism. I LOVE THAT.

    When I created 2:28, I had an entirely different thought - and I shared it with her. The amazing part is that we both received exactly what we wanted. I feel much gratitude that this painting will be well loved.