Tuesday, 10 December 2013



slip sliding


goofing around


I have immensely enjoyed painting crows. Yet I get it, some of you are starting to wonder if that's all I have. Well, let me tell you. In a word, nope. 

Not done. You see, for a while I painted farm houses and churches. People recognized me for that subject matter. Then uprooted trees moved me to an emotional need so desperate that I wanted to (and did) paint trees. I became known as 'the tree artist'. When I started meeting crows and trying to capture pieces of their lives on canvas, I became the crow lady. 

Well, I still am. Of course I also love to plunge into a good abstract, birds other than crows and I plan a big body of figurative work for the upcoming year (pun intended). But I still have more to learn about crows. I know some of the good stuff, but there's a huge treasure still waiting to be found. So, yep, you're gonna see more crows.