Wednesday, 1 July 2015

you're getting all light and pretty

Am I? 
I never thought I was dark in that context, 
but when I look at the last few years' body of work, 
calling it mostly monochromatic makes sense. 

I thought I had shaken off that "brooding eastern European"
image long ago, but when emails, conversations the social media
engagements all pointed out the fairytale-likeness, I took note.

The thing is, I've always committed to listening to my heart, 
guts and circumstances when I create. Whether I'm writing, 
painting or teaching, you know exactly where my mind is at.

Hmm. There it is. 
Life is good. Creativity abounds. Love envelopes
me in a hundred ways. Friendships bloom. Trips await.
I'm shining. High voltage, retro warm & emotionally able.