Tuesday, 10 November 2015

ten for 10

 "We Are Gold", 6 x 6 inches, mixed media on birch

This is the second in a series of ten paintings to honour 
10 years of marriage. 

Each year brought my husband and me a deep pool of experiences. 
When I say loveliest love, luscious lust, diving disagreements, 
encompassing embraces, adorable adoration, saturated sadness 
and blindingly beautiful belonging, I am scratching the surface. 

To me, this unity so vastly varies from any other. It's amazing
and hard as well as nurturing and trying, sometimes at the same time.
It brings warmth, shine, delicious sparks of lightning and chills. 
From seductive spring to frosty winter, we've felt all the seasons. 

We are still here. The same and different. Young yet rooted. 
Mature yet excited. Calmer yet on fire. 

We are gold.