Thursday, 3 May 2012

Happiness is a fish you can catch

Or can you? Raine Maida didn't think so, but I disagree. I managed to capture mine, hook, line and sinker. 

The hook being a thin piece of glass, the line the medium to encase it, the sinker the sweltering heat to seal it. I desperately wanted to catch this little fish. So beautiful, shiny, full of New Year's Promise. Chinese chocolate wrappers. I could not discard them. The brilliant shine, the sultry contrast of the 'prosperous' gold and the 'happy' red. The conversation between the satiny finish of the cadmium painting and the slick, look-at-me naphthol foil. It was meant to be. 

Maybe, just maybe, you can catch happiness. I can only hope that it's contagious.