Tuesday 15 May 2012

Straight line to self esteem

Looking confident, she turned her head away from me. "You are not going to disturb me", her posture seemed to suggest. "Not only will I not get closer to you, I am not planning on any kind of interaction with you whatsoever. But, stay for all I care, for it would not make a difference if you broke out in a song." 

I giggled as silently as I could. Knowing that the slightest movement on my part would send her flying off to the branches above us, I lingered and watched. Her strut was remarkably proud. Almost appearing arrogant, she made her way further down the yellow line. Straight to self awareness, pride and foolish young conviction. Her healthy self esteem was almost enviable. Or was it just one of life's little performances? 



  1. I know too many people like that!

  2. Ha ha, yes - I do too. Although in this case it may be a teeny tiny autobiographical...if that's even a word.

  3. Speaking of my younger days, just to clarify. Being older gives one the ability to enjoy watching life with more courage.