Monday 18 February 2013

Gray. James Gray.

This was a study in shading, glazing and learning more about properties of transparent pigment. I wanted to see if I could achieve the same contrast as I do with black - without actually applying any. 

The simple answer is no. The surprise however, is that I like the result better. The depth of colour in the eye for example, would have been lost under black. Layers of Payne's grey, sienna, Sap green and others would have been greatly diminished. I also wanted the shadow to be more multi-dimensional. The hue and darkness level below the belly vary from ones under the tail. exercise in subtleties. 

Goodbye, black? No, no, no. I love you too much. But, you may find yourself suspended in my mixed media works more often than you will in the crow paintings. Ironic, yes, for many still believe that crows are black.

Nikol Haskova Studio

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