Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Different crows have different limits. Some let you get close, others don't. Unless I'm travelling, I try to 'befriend' my feathered models before I propose a photo shoot. For the most part, the longer I allow for our acquaintance to establish, the more cooperation I receive. 

As is the case with humans, there are exceptions. Perhaps born with more exhibitionist genes, certain creatures seem to crave the spotlight. Those are the happy to pose, look over their wing, strut and so on birds.

Then there are crows that just prefer privacy. Mostly they fly away when I get too close. Every now and then though, I get the territorial, cantankerous, grumpy-beyond-belief and just plain old rude birds. I love them. It's hard not to burst out laughing, but I attempt to contain my amusement and not offend any further. I don't want to hurt their pride. After all, they were there before I came along. Just because I'm bigger and human does not give me the right to dethrone a corvid queen or king.

Nikol Haskova Studio