Wednesday, 16 April 2014

finding serenity

This was a technically challenging painting. There were so many layers, additions, deletions and things gone both right and wrong that it made my head spin. I'm not talking about mounting, elevation or hardware. Rather, the tough task was marrying the intellectual content to the medium. 

Acrylic is fabulous for playtime. (Weeeeeee!) For me, this means hours of happy brush splattering, hardware experimenting, skin pinching and gel mixing goofing around - which comes with failed attempts to communicating my thoughts. (ooh, look at that shiny bit there, sniff that fresh paper here, imagine the prickliness of that thingy - oh wait - that's not the pretty thought that was in my head, hahaha). It's all good - such is the learning path with many projects in life. I just wish it didn't take as long sometimes. Buddha would say something along the lines of: "It'll take as long as it takes. Go play with your son. You will continue tomorrow." 

The result was wonderful. As notes of a yummy Chopin piece trickled out of the stereo, the branches in my painting happily connected with a thin line of passion. Hence the red strip to crown it. For love. And, as the painting moved from infancy to being able to fly on its own, I bought it a ticket to Toronto. It was showcased at the Love Art Affair.

(detail above, for entire image please contact me)