Wednesday, 16 April 2014

just being around her

Opus hosted me for another two workshops and I had so much fun sharing! Minds eager to learn came for both lessons. Young and old, experienced and not, male and female, all came to create with their minds and hands.

Putting emphasis on direct demonstrations this time, I came up with a great panel. Layering a variety of materials was just the beginning. Someone asked about the look of dripped paint. Giving a nod to an elementary school project, I showed her how easy it was. What I didn't anticipate is how much I'd love all of this put together. Red. Gold. Japanese-looking. Introspective. Simple despite the amount of layers. Hot (I am talking about the feel of the red) yet cool (to the mind).

Well. My husband chimed in, as he has before: "Ah, you can do better." I hate that! I'm really not into someone kicking my ass into higher gear as soon as I thought I had reached my destination. Fortunately (and unfortunately), I am not into "I wonder if I could have done better, hmm...", either. Alas, he was right, again. The painting wasn't finished, because she was missing

I love her so much, I didn't give her a name. I would have become too attached, sigh. Just being around her puts me in a tranquil mood. 

(above, partial painting only)


Nikol Haskova Studio

note: I rarely entertain studio sales. In this case, I am tickled pink that a sweet friend bought this painting. She is the perfect person for it. Just looking at her look at the painting brought the tears to my eyes. And hers. I love that.