Sunday, 18 May 2014


I. Heart. Texture.

Mostly, I've been gentle and soft with it, rarely departing to roughness. It's not that the extra thick, edgy stuff doesn't appeal to me. It does. I quite enjoy others embracing it. Looking at another's painting, full of gutsy, even shard-like details is very satisfying. It's just that loud stuff does not come out when my brushes, knives or hands meet the canvas. 

I'm okay with that. As much as I like to push myself to be braver in the studio, I've learned that bravery shouldn't come at the cost of fine finish. To clarify, my style of painting doesn't naturally lend itself to quick strokes, powerful sweeps or hard application. While this may change someday, I'm happily exploring the smoother stuff and graceful subtlety, especially on birds. There is a myriad of sweet journeys I have yet to walk. One of which, I've recently found, is found in a variety of papers.