Thursday, 15 May 2014

working it out

A good painting, for me, requires a lot more than a skillful hand at work. Yes, one benefits greatly from studying his or her craft, but I like magic. I'm not just talking about the emotion put into the painting (or pouring out of it for that matter). I love a great story. Maybe it's my love of books, maybe it's life being art - whatever it is, I prefer to think. To sink into the visual dialogue. 

For that, composition is crucial. Two crows turning away from each other, as opposed to leaning in, tell entirely different tales. One looking down - or up toward another is quite a loaded situation. Since I work from my photos, I can easily take liberty with positioning 'my' birds. Likely, I am mirroring situations I've seen or been in. I generally don't know I'm doing it till after. It's a good way to be born, whether it's a note, a move, or a brushstroke.

The amount of planning, adjusting, composing and researching goes a long way when I'm speaking on canvas. Many, many birds that audition get cut. Acting should be believable, emotional, and most importantly, intelligent. Funny is fine, funny looking is something else.

Nikol Haskova Studio