Monday, 20 April 2015

I'm always with you

What an incredible journey and privilege to create something so personal, intimate and emotional. To be asked to portray one of life's precious connections. To help honour twenty five years of marriage.

She came in the morning. I made a short tea ceremony for her and asked her to close her eyes for 3 breaths. When she opened them, I posed a question. She was to give a fast answer, one without an indulgent search for the right words. When she spoke, I got teary eyed.

Then she moved, and as the music changed, so did her self awareness. She danced from conscious woman right into vulnerable goddess. And that's when the magic unfolded. There seemed to be a shimmering light around her, a new confidence. As I watched her trough my camera, overwhelmed by her courage and stunning beauty, her body found a way to show what she would have told him with words.