Friday, 16 October 2015

Thank you Prague

My phone was off for the entire 3 weeks. I stuck to a conscious decision not to post on social media - or be anywhere near the internet actually - while enjoying this culturally rich trip with my son. Just me without my work, my son without his school and a handful of selected humans to keep us company at times. In my experience, the sounds are sweeter, tastes are fresher, sights are more vibrant and connections are deeper when I focus on them without electronic participation. 

I am still processing that indulgent and moving time in my head while journalling, sorting photos and meditating on many reflections. 

For now, here is a small sampling of revisiting places that formed a lot of the little girl I once was. A post about the opera night with the red carpet, door-opening Acura girls in tiaras and red "Pretty Woman" dresses and the private balcony may or may not appear. It depends on how much I decide to share and how much I keep bottled up to make art from.