Wednesday, 16 October 2013

piano pie

How to best describe her? I didn't know till I found the link above. Much better than words.

Friday, 11 October 2013

I'll hang my flag on a tree

Wake before the sun comes up 
Just slip on your shoes and go
Look for my flag on an apple tree
Hands 'round a teacup, I will wait 

street cred

To say there is hierarchy among crows is an understatement. If you ever have a chance to watch a murder of crows descend upon a feast of crumbs, congratulations. You'll see one of nature's best shows. Watching a human badass walk down the street is nothing compared to seeing a black feathered Vader strut.

The idea for "Street Cred" came to me as I was watching roughly thirty crows battle for popcorn on Pacific Boulevard in Vancouver. The epic rawness and intensity of the fight reminded me of seeing a live UFC battle.

I thought of linking to a song that one of the fighters comes out to in the octagon here, but the lyrics are just brutal. If you like, do your own research. Don't forget to brush the dirt off your shoulder when done embracing your inner gansta.