Wednesday, 20 June 2012

An honour

Since I became a full time artist six years ago, I've had the pleasure of working with various charities. There have been few occasions that have filled me with as much gratitude, pride in my work and the sheer, simple joy of giving as the charity events that I have been invited to have. 

I create a painting out of love and with love. I give it to an organization that raises more money than the work is appraised at. I know where the money goes. I watch it do amazing things for people who really need it.

After helping Vancouver for three years in a row, I have an opportunity to do the same in Banff. I  am honoured to be one of the artists raising funds for an incredible cause close to my heart. Last year, this unique event raised over three quarters of a million dollars. It is one of the most respected art foundations in Canada. People from around the world can study at the centre because of funding generated there. I hope that in August, my donation will be part of another successful evening. Wishing The Banff Centre all the best in the upcoming season!


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Radiant Stillness

Come, sit under the canopy, for the storm has passed. 
We'll watch the trickle of goodbye raindrops 
and invitation blossoms, falling to our feet. 

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Trust in good intentions

Sometimes you don't know what you're walking into. You push on, full of excitement, eager to discover. Leaving concerns behind you, you just jump in. One foot at a time, you step slowly at first, but quickly realize you happily sped up.

Mayberry Fine Art Winnipeg

An Invitation

A whisper
To come closer
To linger
To sit and stop thinking

An invitation
To simply be
To watch
To melt away

Nikol Haskova Studio

Effervescing Merriment, or how to happily capture water for a fish to swim

Continuing my exploration of multi-media and multi-level works, I decided the next fish painting should portray the joy of - well - simply being. Watching bubbles rise in my glass of cucumber water at lunch one day, I knew I wanted to really push the idea of bubbling. The beauty of the light, reflected in different levels of depth and clarity was captivating. So, so simple - yet hard to capture.

I knew I didn't want to paint it with straight acrylic. While achieving a realistic effect, that medium alone would not look industrial enough for me. I ended up creating bubbles on thick, flame polished plexi. This garage experiment was addictive, scary and liberating at the same time. In the end, it worked out beautifully. I love it. It's been hanging on my wall. Certain pieces tend to, before I let them find a new home full of love.

Chinese brocade fabric seemed a perfect tiny mirror of the colour and happiness I wanted to reflect. Connected by a heavy string, it was made to be. Well - almost. I dyed it in bronze and visually joined with hardware.

All that was missing was a little piece of electricity. It had to be blue. Pretty, but sharp blue. Once I mixed it, I didn't want to just paint it onto the plexi. Too literal. I wanted more texture and clarity. So I handmade a clear plastic shape. It delayed the process for a couple of days, but it was worth it. I'm tickled pink.

Little fish, little fish, little fish
Swim, float and slide
Tiny pieces of happiness
Releasing to the sky