Friday, 24 July 2015

the dream spinner

softly tiptoeing beside a pillow
he gently settled for the night

pink peonies and shiny silver
and clouds of soft white

he spun out all kinds of blooms
and smiled with a deep delight

and then, with a sweet whisper
he gently blew a soft breath out

sending all flowers and silver
into long dreams to float about


the dream about a canoe

I wrote about this sweetie before, so here's a shortened version:

A couple of years ago, I was canoeing with honey and my son on Bow River. Although we were under attack by many flying beings, this poetic water journey remains one of our favourite summer memories. I can still hear the swishing sound the undergrowth made when it tickled our vessel from below. 

There's often a small puddle in the bottom of a canoe and so was the case that August day. In it, a dragonfly was floating. I picked her up and wrapped her in a tissue. Despite being still asleep when we got back on shore, I hopefully held on to this 'helicopter' and while I took countless photos of her, she indeed came back from her dream. I finally painted her last year. That piece found a good home in Winnipeg. I thought it was only fitting to paint her again and this time, bring the creation to Banff. Full circle, just as Nature is. 


Thursday, 23 July 2015

perfection of an ordinary day

The giant orb was descending and opened the door for the ritual. 
It was the same, every single day, a million times over. 
And yet, this time was different. 
As was the time before and the million times before that. 
Today, the horizon's veil was Quin Azo Gold. 
A birdsong trickled through my ears, distant and warm. 
The smell of earth was thick, sweet and muddy, with an aftertaste of leaves. 
A coolness kissed my ankles, giving me a welcome shiver and a reminder that I am present. 
I sank into the feeling, gulping it eagerly and letting the tiny piece of now echo within my entire body.

12" x 12", mixed media on panel, resin


inner song

"How do I begin to meditate?", she asked.
"I really don't think there's any right or wrong way", I answered. 
"It can start with a single breath."

"What do you do?", she continued. 
"Nothing. That's my thing. Just nothing. It's beautiful. 
You need nothing, no one, just you, the lovely you."

6" x 6", mixed media on panel, resin

the hopeless romantic

deep in thought Frederick was
as lusciously luring blooms
danced in his curious mind

he floated along a pretty road
without a wee worry  or a rush
and indulged in each sweet petal

6" x 6", mixed media on birch, resin


violet and her pet

on her tiny stage balance she did
a quirky song sing she did
performed for no one
but herself she did

a smile spill across her face it did
added a miniature dance she did
a pet on a string have she did
Peach was the name

6" x 6", mixed media on birch, resin


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

cortes island

So magnificent are British Columbia's gulf islands that I feel inadequately equipped to describe them. 

I find it so surprising that mere hours from the big city, one can find such stunning, savage, sultry beauty. The way there is lined with rich, familiar evergreens within a lush rainforest, yet marked by seeming rural poverty. Working life seems hard, if real. Small pleasures are noticed and celebrated. 

I'm not going to describe the sensory experiences. As if lured by a west coast siren, the world's nature seekers are pulled in. Close to the steep banks and lulled by the salty air, the blessed may just hear a tempting song. The place marked me. If you go, I hope it leaves traces of itself on you as well.    

Friday, 17 July 2015

salt spring, first night

the green scented forest envelopes me in warm, evergreen arms
I sit here, sipping my glass of ahh, my boy asleep in the loft

the sounds are different from those at the lake a hundred feet below
luring me for a late stroll yet whispering to just walk in my mind

I agree that the comfort of my meadow blanket deserves more time
and wind down the city echoes in my bones, fingers and thoughts

a raven couple seems to bicker gently while a nearby branch snaps
and a docile deer mother with two younglings enters my eye window

my favourite camera is intentionally left at home and I'm good with that
because I ask this furry group a permission to enter their realm instead

I may borrow my sister's records as she indulges in her preferred joy
her digital speech is royal and becomes her quietness as she sips

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

you're getting all light and pretty

Am I? 
I never thought I was dark in that context, 
but when I look at the last few years' body of work, 
calling it mostly monochromatic makes sense. 

I thought I had shaken off that "brooding eastern European"
image long ago, but when emails, conversations the social media
engagements all pointed out the fairytale-likeness, I took note.

The thing is, I've always committed to listening to my heart, 
guts and circumstances when I create. Whether I'm writing, 
painting or teaching, you know exactly where my mind is at.

Hmm. There it is. 
Life is good. Creativity abounds. Love envelopes
me in a hundred ways. Friendships bloom. Trips await.
I'm shining. High voltage, retro warm & emotionally able.