Wednesday, 9 December 2015

her sweet words

About ten years ago, when I first began painting, I decided to include a story or a poem with each painting. Back then, this used to be done via a message tucked into the back of the works. 

As time passed, I started this blog. Though I still begin on paper (I find my thoughts are more fluid with a pen, I enjoy the scent of the sketchpad or scrap wrapping tissue and it simply feels delicious), having the final copy in an electronic form makes sense, especially in this social media age. Never had I used someone else's words to do this, the exceptions being Osho, Buddha and traditional Haiku masters in the form of a sentence woven in.

Until yesterday. Via another platform, a viewer was very moved by "Floating On Light". It reminded her of a poem she wrote. "Would I like to read it?", she asked. "I would love to", I posted as a reply. When I was finished, I felt like I was wrapped in a silk cover, transported by the story into a shimmering, light and ethereal space. I cried. A fulfilling, emotional cry that fed me. For the first time, another's story will marry my painting here. I am honoured that she permitted me. Here are her words: 

"This came to me in a dream vision and I wrote it down. 
Perhaps it doesn't fit with your painting but it reminded me 
of this wonderful painting of yours! No one else has seen this and I generally don't share my poetry but I thought maybe you'd like it.


(Karen Lipsett-Kidd)

I was promised
From so long ago
Before I was born
You sat to the right of him
He told you your time would come
That you would see
A cherry petal
That would not die when it fell
You would pick it up with reverence
Kiss it and hold it to your heart
The petal would transform you
As a stork you would fly
Ungainly first then with great wide wings
You'd journey to a distant shore. When you returned the following year and touched the ground you became a man and there waiting was a girl not old enough to know you but waiting still.
But you knew in time she would be yours and you were patient.
At the age of consent I was given and love of the greatest nature arose.
There was much celebration but the lovers only had eyes for each other.
Amidst the gaiety and noise
there was profound silence between the two as they stood
in awe of their combined souls union and they disappeared into one another.
Or so the story goes.