Monday, 7 December 2015

bare, from a woman's point of view

I love women. Yes, I find them beautiful, but there is so much more to it. The depth of feelings and emotional capacity (two vastly different qualities), the nurturing ability, the child-bearing, loving and raising-little-humans gift many of us have, the sensuality and luxuriousness in their physical softness are mere examples of what I cherish about them.

The aesthetic fascination is harder to explain, because I think of myself as a hot-blooded, crazily drunk on life, creative and beautiful woman. This doesn't come from a place of conceitedness. Quite the opposite. I've worked on self-worth and confidence for a long time. It's still work in progress. I just found myself being a better artist when I decided to see my accomplishments rather than measure myself against the follow-the-sheep mainstream trends. In turn, my examining abilities, friendship depths and personal goals have all soared. For me, it's all in one bucket. I like to feel good about the inner me first and the outside shell seems to mirror. It's a rewarding space to be in, full of light and shine.

The goddesses that turn my head and often set my artistic heart aflutter seem to float by on a healthy confidence pillow. In my experience, that kind of beauty is deeper, more raw and real than the gorgeous "sexy thing" kind.   This aplomb originates in an all-ness of compassion, ability, intelligence, humbleness and grace. I like a sprinkle of badass-ness on top. A well-rounded woman. One that is cognizant of her vulnerability yet capable of being strong. That is intoxicating to me.

There will be an exhibition to celebrate The Women. It's an encompassing and emotional project. It's also a big one as it'll be run by artists instead of a gallery and likely spark a lot of online attention and, hopefully and more importantly, plant seeds for good conversations. Logistics have scratched the possibility of spring off the calendar. I'll cross my fingers for the fall. If not, for whenever it's meant to be.

For now, I'm compiling material, journaling, researching, interviewing, sketching and painting to get my technical as well as thinking skills up to where I want them. Once in a while, inspiration can't wait and spills out of my brushes by itself. I do nothing but connect to my inner self. That's always been the best place to sink into.

    "Silk & Silver"
mixed media, 6 x 6 inches