Friday, 18 December 2015


As solstice approaches, the new vision board takes shape. 
Pearls for twenty sixteen have been harvested throughout the year.  
Counting the things done well and cherishing successes, I feel 
that I am in a graceful place of unbound creativity, support and love.

The New Year will find me changing things that no longer serve 
my studio practice, including this blog. It's been an amazing vehicle, 
creating connections far beyond my website. Alas, time to morph has arrived.
Because my studio stories are read by collectors, students and perhaps 
a few curious souls, I will continue with them, though they will likely arrive in weekly (?)
packages here. The new stuff excites me as it will invite collaborations, celebrations of
my community and fuel for some good work.

This has been great fun. I can't wait to see this pet project mature 
into something more to chew on.