Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The story behind the black boots

She came over from her rural spot on the island. Wearing jean shorts, a thin black veil of a pretty top and a beautiful bra peeking through, she seemed happy to be back in the city. We had lunch by the train tracks, laughed our butts off and shot hundreds of pictures of each other. 

She's stunning. There are so many ways to describe her shine. Here are just some words I'd have to include, if I had to choose this way to tell you about her: young, slender-limbed, black haired, sensual, confident, self-aware, breathtakingly beautiful, life loving.

I painted her three times. My favourite was a piece called "Black Boots". I kept it for a long time for myself. I try not to get attached to my paintings, choosing to send them out to brighten someone else's life instead. This one I loved dearly. In the end, I gave it away. No money, a pure donation. It raised more than its value for an amazing charity. Cancer research, in honour of my grandmother. 

Combine the power of a well run foundation, publicity generated by a media savvy young crowd, generosity of a live auction bidder and the appeal of a sexy woman and you get a benefit far beyond the enjoyment of a painting hanging on my wall.



  1. I wish I had paid attention. I may have been tempted to participate in the auction. Lovely description.

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words, Raymond. There's always a reason for the way things happen. Perhaps there's a painting with a slightly different feel waiting for you someday. It would be your & your wife's third. You will know when the next one crosses your path and asks you to bring it to your end of the country.