Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How to tell my mind to talk to the hand.

With five paintings in the works, it's been a busy week. Inspiration, brushes and music flowing, I've felt both grounded and soaringly high. 

This is a rare combination for me - I'm either flying in an idea-filled sky or standing with my feet firmly planted and painting with control. To be able to successfully transfer the high frequency chatter in my mind directly to a panel is a beautiful thing indeed. The result is generally a piece with equal parts skill, humour and wonder. This applies whether it's a straight forward crow portrait or a (far tougher to design) abstract. 

Perhaps my meditation has finally reached a much desired level of, dare I say, equilibrium? Is this previously elusive carrot actually moving from the front of my cold nose to my warm hand? Has the subconsciously planted focus really blossomed into a rose (or rather a pepper-scented freesia) that I can pick up any time?

Maybe it's the absence of the news radio station I had seemingly been addicted to. It's possible that lovely pieces of "Lego House" or "Wunderkind" have dripped in along with the pigment I apply. 

Whatever the reason, it has been blissful in my creative space. Literally and metaphorically. My eight by eight room has provided just enough room for everything, including the ever-essential goof factor (one of the many lessons my son taught me).

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