Saturday, 4 October 2014


We met in Banff last year. This tiny helicopter landed in a puddle in the canoe I was awkwardly nudging up Bow River. Green growth tickled the bottom of the wooden vessel, making a swishing sound, the sun pierced the diamond-studded water and this tiny creature struggled with its wet, floppy wings. 

I picked it up and wrapped it in tissue, trying to provide a gentle shelter for it to dry out in. Back on shore, I was doubtful that the dragonfly would choose to wake up. While I took countless close up photos of it, it looked as if it had no desire to join the living world again. 

Of course, nature so often surprises me in ways no human ever could. The sweet helicopter suddenly fluttered its propellers. As breeze invited it to dance upward into the summer sky, the lovely creature accepted the proposal.

Nikol Haskova Studio

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