Thursday, 5 February 2015

I just wanna stomp on this nest

In Naramata, almost 5 months ago, I had a vision. Ok it was one of many. But this one stuck with me. I really want to build a nest. A miniature attempt crudely wraps around a lamp in our home. It is raw, little pieces fall off and paper thin bark is lost each time I turn the switch on. It makes me happy. A lightbulb sits atop, as if on a pedestal, softly illuminating the tiny branches. It was a good study in preparation for the 'real' thing.

This is where the difficulties come in. At least the technical ones. I know I need a frame. Did that. It's not pretty but serves the purpose. Shreds of this. Squirts of that. Thick and thin. Black and silver. And gold. Plastic. I'm so excited I stay up till 3. Love it. When I see it the next morning, I just wanna stomp on it.

"Don't, Nik", says my mentor. Add. Remove. Work. Just work. It's just not done. You'll know when it is. Of course, she's right. She always is when it comes to my hesitation or fear. She always makes me reach in and pull out an emotional, gut-wrenching, sweaty, well - me. But this is different. It's not about that. This is sweet. It's soft. Yet sturdy. And nurturing. I don't need my angst for this.

Aha! There's my answer right there. Whew. "nestiswheretheheartis". Cool. Looks almost Latin. See you tomorrow, baby.

Nikol Haskova Studio

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