Wednesday, 4 March 2015

lovely gentle flowers

Doing the body of work I've been wanting to dig into is so satisfying. 
For the first time, I'm plunging into a luring pool of unknowing. 
No idea of how it will be received, visually and philosophically. 
Potential sales are a pure question mark. 
The curiosity factor is barely tipping the scales up, 
predictably starring opposite fear. 
Since I've told fear that I will not be its slave, 
curiosity has happily bloomed. 
I've finished projects I loved, 
only to never see them take off in public. 
Back then, I was devastated. 
This time, the yearning to run straight 
into a blurry wall is undeniable. 
There is no choice, yet I don't feel I have to. 
I just want to. 
It's already been set in motion in my subconscious. 
And that is a great place to be born.

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