Monday, 23 July 2012

Auspicious Or Infinite?

I love experimenting. Much like switching up the ingredients in my kitchen, adding something previously odd sounding can result in a yummy surprise on a panel in the studio.

I've had some industrial application signs and letters sitting around for a while. At first attracted to their colour and unsure of how to blend them into my acrylics, I put them aside for future use. They sat on the shelf that mainly houses my varnishes. On another shelf, I've had mirror bits keeping company to various types of fine metal foil. Beautifully sanded, thick and scratch-free, they also sat there, patiently waiting for their turn. I had very specific plans for the mirror which will come into play at a later date.

What I did not plan for was a visual feast of mixed company. Can you have too much of a good thing? Can you combine mirror, plastic AND metal foil? Wow, that seems so crazy I may just have to try it, I thought one morning. A motley crew of textures, finishes and reflections. Did it work? A resounding yes. For me, yes. 

My favourite part? The thin strip of mirror left exposed on the right, letting the viewer add reflection of the background - or, for the adventurous soul, of themselves, willingly becoming a part of the painting. Countless possibilities. An eye next to the 8. An extended pinkie finger, coming into contact. Or?


Nikol Haskova Studio

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  1. When I posted this story and the original photo a week ago, I thought the painting was done. It has taken me years to learn to walk away from a piece that is done. Always questioning details and visualizing little additions - or deletions (doesn't that sound like the story of my life), I try my best to resist. Usually, I end up changing something that needed no change. Once in a while though, I feel an urge that is impossible to resist. "I'M GOING BACK IN". Such was the case here with the white feather, which was included after the original painting was varnished.