Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Chase, BC

I've taken four trip this year and a biggie one remains. Some were for business, some for pleasure, but when I really think about it, it's always part business - which is part of my pleasures. You see, I love what I do. I know I am fortunate to be an artist and make a good living doing it. I have worked very hard for many hours, days, nights and years to be able to confidently say that and believe it.

When I go on trips, pieces of work always trickle in. I see a cloud, hear a cricket, save a dragonfly (more on that later), a wonderful person walks into my day - I wanna write about it or paint it. Inspiration awaits everywhere I go. I thought I would start playing with snippets of time spent outside my studio and share them. Please know I am fully aware of my technical (dis)abilities, wink - I just wanted to offer very simple pieces of my experiences. This is my first attempt.


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