Sunday, 16 August 2015

delicious flora

After I cleared customs at the Bali airport, I walked through a glass door. A wave of wet heat hit my face and my western-girl-travelling-via-plane clothes became a microwave worthy torture chamber. But then the scent hit me. Luscious, exotic, intoxicating, sensual, yellow and pink coloured, sweet smell of orchids.

Two incredibly beautiful girls in traditional costume, smiling from ear to ear, extended their hands. "Welcome to Bali! Would you like an orchid?", they asked simultaneously.

"Yes, please! I would", I answered with tears in my eyes. One of the goddess-like young women tucked a precious bloom behind my right ear. I forgot about my Lululemon chamber instantly. Throughout that trip I encountered many orchid varieties, lotus flowers, tree blooms I couldn't identify, offerings of dry petals, and too many other beauties to list. I don't know which God or Goddess gifted these to the island, although I suspect Saraswati had something to do with it. I'm sketching and painting studies. So far, I'm not happy enough with the results, but some big paintings are coming. I'm thinking Valentines' Day.

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