Wednesday, 3 June 2015

bliss tucked under her wing

A challenge, a switch up, a limitation. All are good companions in the studio. I tried something new and it felt sooooo good. Miniatures. Well, miniatures for me. A lot of recent work has been large scale, and while that itself is always challenging, I wondered how it would feel to go in the opposite direction.
I made 8 panels, six by six inches each. I gave myself a time limit, but opened the fun box. Literally.

There is a box I put little bits into. Snippets of images, words, book pages, lace, interesting string, you get the idea. Mixed media collage. It was so much fun! The opposite of the biggies indeed, even in a mental sense. The large works leave me physically and emotionally spent. I often cry when I'm done. Not in a happy way, but not in a bad way. It's just a way to air out all the pent up thought and intensity that are necessary for this work, at least for me. These tiny ones were light, full of pleasure, smiling through the process, absolutely no friction. In fact, when I found myself getting serious, I walked away to make a cup of tea and forced a giggle.

I love them. My son requested one for his room and it made me grin.

I don't need a reason 
To smile from my heart
Because I have a flower
Tucked underwing 


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