Friday, 12 June 2015

the untitled have been named

It was a fun contest with a huge pile of entries. There were visitors, students, friends - even their kids came by and chirped in. Names of my painting have always been important to me. What became unimportant, even if tickle-like challenging, was giving up my attachment to the works. Obviously I've let go hundreds of times - nearly 700 times, in fact. What I noticed is how I steered the names of the paintings toward my own emotions. Unavoidable, you say?

True, unless... someone else chose. So it began. Ideas written on papers, with stories, names, numbers, chit chat, happy faces and so on. 'They' were tucked under "Samsara", an original, Asian-feel piece with a golden koi fish and royal red, slicker than slick finish. That was the prize to be won. I didn't have to pick your titles. Just your name. Pure chance, grass roots, the winning entry was pulled by my son out of his pirate hat. Literally.

The winner is a university student, at least I suspect by his email. Perhaps the best person to win. I like the idea of an original painting hanging in his dorm room instead of a sports poster. Cool. Very likely, buying a piece of art wouldn't have been on his agenda for a long time, either. Extra cool.

I introduce "Cerna Kralovna" and "Vyvoleny". The names fit the paintings beautifully. The girl that chose them speaks Portugese and English. Go figure. She even had all the accents on properly. What a gal! Thank you, beautiful goddess. You're an incredible mind.


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