Tuesday, 23 June 2015

feet firmly planted

on a poured concrete sidewalk. 
Normally not a huge source of pleasure 
as it's a grey, plain, hard, artificial and unloving surface. 
That doesn't mean it isn't engaging. 
There are subtle lines, ridges, bumps and veins of sand 
as well as a lovely play of shadow and light among all of those. 
And then...one day... I came back and the same, predictable plane
 was shimmering with absolute magic. 
There was green, oh my goddess, was there green! 
Yellowy, yummy, slimy, alive, acidic and intoxicating. 
Nature often finds its way into man made monopolies. 
Hello, beautiful organic stuff. 
How utterly gorgeous you are! 
Look at you, standing your ground against that reddish cedar bit. 
How beautifully you oppose the rusted piece of something. 
And, perhaps most importantly, That Tiny Speck of Blue is simply luscious.

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